GerCan (mertober fic) —- i will find any way to your wild heart


(hahaha holy shit what is this wow. god. read the tags for warnings and lets start mertober a little early, ok? ok. its mertober eve sort of, but lets do this mermaid fairy tale au. and listen to the bleacher’s “wild heart”)


It was a small ceremony, as small as it possibly could be.  They couldn’t actually marry, not yet, and they both knew this although it was Matthew who seemed to regret it the most.

Gilbert had been the one to ‘marry’ them, the family’s bible coming out of its oak case just for the occasion. There was no one at the ceremony. Matthew had no family and Ludwig didn’t want to wait and invite the rest of his.

Maybe he should have waited.

But Gilbert was there, the ocean was there, and it was the sort of wedding Ludwig didn’t think he’d ever have. The wedding wasn’t even planned, at least Ludwig didn’t think about it when he picked Matthew up at the airport. Matthew coincidently had a performance in the city where Ludwig was teaching for the semester. Gilbert was already living there.

“I hate flying. I hate the ocean. I thought it would never end.” Matthew had gratefully slid under Ludwig’s umbrella, pulling the other man down for a kiss. “And I hate the rain.”

“You told me you love the rain.”

“I love it when I’m inside, naked in bed with you.” Matthew kept looking from side to side as they crossed the street. “I don’t love being in it.”

“I love you.”

Matthew paused, giving him an unreadable look. Ludwig blinked at him. It was hardly the first time he said those words, and Matthew was the one to say them first. But now Matthew, with his deep fathomless eyes, didn’t say anything, his mouth tender and fingertips tracing the sharp edge of Ludwig’s jaw.

“I love you,” Matthew whispered, right there in the middle of the sidewalk as they walked to the metro. “You, you unbearably sincere, handsome man. They tell me I sing with the finest voices in the world, but none of them have your honesty.”

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Companion piece to this one with Gilbert. (attention some blood warning.)

The story goes like this. Matthew is a prince of a peaceful kingdom and one day while he travel he pass trough a dark forest where he meet Gilbert, a knight cursed to be trapped there forever by the resident sorcerer after he tricked Gilbert into a bet he lost. They fall in love and Matthew decide to go to the sorcerer to free Gilbert of the curse. Gilbert refuse and warn him against it But our prince on the cover of the night goes to meet the sorcerer who decide to play with the two lovers. He put a spell on Matthew rendering him invisible and goes to see Gilbert, while Matthew can only follow. There they found Gilbert already on the way to the sorcerer knowing that Matthew would have gone anyway. Matthew tries to warn his knight but nothing do and the sorcerer tell Gil that he changed the prince into a little bird that he take out from his robes. He tells him he would be willing to bargain. 

If Gilbert kills the bird he will then be free to leave the forest and the great fortune of Matthew kingdom will be his. If he do not he will stay trapped forever in the forest as a ghost that none will see, deaf to all sound and voice. 

Gilbert, of course, refuse the bargain. Arrogant, claiming that he would rather die than risk Matthew life and that he would never accept anything from his captor.

The sorcerer then release the bird saying how honorable a knight Gilbert has become and that his wish to be reunited with Matthew will be his reward. He lift the invisibility spell from our horrified prince, which he change into a long white arrow before he can utter a warning. 

He shoot the arrow at Gilbert who, knowing that there is no escaping it, do nothing to dodge it. 

Both of them die, from an arrow and from heart break. The sorcerer vanished to be never seen again. 

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Pirate bros who turn into really pretty sea monsters. (´⌣`ʃƪ) A few sketches for Pirate AU.

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I think I like the idea of Matt being a carnivorous beast more than I really should. (I have no idea how to draw an angler fish. Don’t shoot.)

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