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Oh those Canadianssss


I’ve decided to open commissions for the first time /)QvQ/)

  • -Prices for the coloured version include a very simple 1-2 colour background, for a more detailed background (if requested) I will charge between 2-5$ extra
  • -for adding another character I will add half of the original price
  • -the shipping for everything over 10$ is included ( EU, USA and Canada)
  • -Art Cards are 6,4 cm * 8,9 cm (2,5” * 3.5”)
  • The rest will be done on a canvas of A5 or bigger
    I will mostly use watercolours, but also copics and pencils
  • payment via paypal

things I won’t do:

  • hardcore porn 
  • babies
  • realistic animals
  • gore (some blood is fine though)

if you are interested send an e-mail to doku-commission@web.de or and off-anon ask here on tumblr 

I will start working after agreeing on something. For the art cards and the full body drawings I will send sketches first so you can see if everything is to your liking. When the picture is done I will make sure to let you know and send you the email for paying via pay pal. As soon as I got the money I will send you the finished picture.

ok I think that’s it, hope I’m doing it right it’s my first time („#゚Д゚)

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We got surrounded by ducks at our picnic!! Mama duck was looking after her young ones and bullying the seagulls

kirono said: OUt


just imagine it tho, Matt coughing wetly, hands shaking, broken bones? aaahhh

hindre said: I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks of things like this ahhhh~

see? i’m not the only one

First of all, how dare you. Second of all, wHY
because Matt lying in a pool of blood while Matthew screams is what i live for

but like

imagine Matt being monsieur knight defending Matthew’s honor or something and he has to defeat this dragon or some sorceror

and while Matt’s up in the air, ready to deliver the final blow, he gets impaled from behind, a spike protruding from his chest (。’▽’。)

dana nanana nana na na na

Hedonistic cat

fucking hell why do i bother i’m going to hide forever




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22 or 1 with France please thank you, and by the way I just love your art

aaw thanks anon